True or False?

    North Korean nice guy, Kim Jong-un employs just one man to check every single one of the 240,000,000 matchboxes the country produces each year for signs of contamination or explosive devices.



    I’m lucky enough to be asked to submit designs for Ritzenhoff, one of the world’s leading glassware companies. Of course, not everything I do makes the grade, but they’re still great fun to work on and how many clients do you know that give you a completely open brief?


Life’s short…Eat a Cupcake!

  Everyone loves a cupcake. Fact. And Cupcake Charlie’s cupcakes are simply the best! Dan and Penny Lessa, owners of the three Cupcake Charlie stores at Cape Cod, Plymouth and Newport contacted me a few years ago to work on a character they’d created and needed ‘bringing together’ as a logo for the company. Here’s the result. […]