Cutting Corners

  Apparently, there are some shonky builders out there. Surely not! This illustration was for an article about how some construction companies will cut corners to make sure the project finished on time and under budget.


True or False?

    North Korean nice guy, Kim Jong-un employs just one man to check every single one of the 240,000,000 matchboxes the country produces each year for signs of contamination or explosive devices.


Did you know……

    … that since 1983, the small village of Evandale in Tasmania has held the National Penny Farthing Championships. The things you learn eh? And a good provider of inspiration for the new Vector Folio I’m working on.


All good things….

  I used to illustrate these two little characters, Mighty Mac and his trusty sidekick, The Epson Kid for the UK’s Mac Format magazine. Two illustrations, every month for three years. Not a bad run. Then the GFC happened and, as is often the case, the creative budget was first to get the chop and […]



    I’m lucky enough to be asked to submit designs for Ritzenhoff, one of the world’s leading glassware companies. Of course, not everything I do makes the grade, but they’re still great fun to work on and how many clients do you know that give you a completely open brief?


Meet Cupcake Charlie!

    Several years ago I was approached by Dan and Penny Lessa, a couple from the US who were looking to open a new shop selling cupcakes. Dan had pretty specific ideas about the sort of character he wanted to ‘front’ the marketing campaign, so all I had to do was bring it together […]


3d or not 3d?

                      That is the question. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some 3d work for ages, but wasn’t sure if a, I’ve actually got the brains to learn how to do it and b, whether there’s a market for it or not. Reading […]


All paws on deck!

  You never know what each day might bring! Rawle Murdy, a small ad agency in Charleston, Carolina asked me if I’d like to create a mascot for the USS Yorktown Museum at Patriots Point. You bet I would! Being a bit of a WW2 ‘buff’, particularly the aviation side of things, how could I […]


Pack animals.

    My German agent asked me to create two characters, a Rhinoceros and an Octopus for some packaging. As is often the case when working with an agent, I have no idea who the client is or what product the characters will appear on. No worries, it was still fun to work on.


More cows!

Dale Evans at Innovative Kitchen in Singapore asked me to come up with some ideas for a character one of his clients wanted to use on a healthy milk drink. The bovine beauties had to portray the main benefits that milk provides – strength, co-ordination and intelligence.


Life’s short…Eat a Cupcake!

  Everyone loves a cupcake. Fact. And Cupcake Charlie’s cupcakes are simply the best! Dan and Penny Lessa, owners of the three Cupcake Charlie stores at Cape Cod, Plymouth and Newport contacted me a few years ago to work on a character they’d created and needed ‘bringing together’ as a logo for the company. Here’s the result. […]


Who wants to win an iPod? Not me!

  My agency ( is running a competition to win an iPod G4. All you have to do is design a Gel Skin for the iPod and post it on the agencies Facebook page. The design that receives the most ‘Likes’ wins the iPod with the illustrators own design printed on it. There’s nothing in […]


You can’t win ’em all.

As an illustrator, you’re often asked to pitch for work (along with a thousand other hopefuls!) by supplying a specific sample of work (free of charge, of course.) This one was for a large and well known New York based publisher of children’s books. I didn’t get the job unfortunately, but I thought the cute […]


The Indian’s are coming!

Rocket Design in London recently asked me to create some animal characters for a new range of chocolate bars in Tesco. The designers at Rocket are always great to work with, providing me with a concise but ‘open’ brief to see what I could come up with. Animals to illustrate had to be native to […]


Ed’s the man!

Okay, okay. So I’ve been a little slack on the old blogging front. I’ve got plenty of excuses ready, all of which look a tad lame when I commit them to print. So let’s move on. It’s been quite a few months to say the least. The world seems to be crumbling down around our […]


It’s Fruity Madness!

As an illustrator, being able to draw does actually help, but it’s still only half the battle. Keeping your clients happy is the other half. I’ve just been working on some characters for a large sweets company in Germany. Now they weren’t sure if they wanted to change their existing characters just yet, so they […]


Monkey business.

I’ve been working on quite a few projects lately for half a dozen clients and Murphy’s Law being as fickle as it is, they all came in at once! This image was for a new range of own brand cereals for a UK supermarket. I seem to be drawing a lot of monkeys these days. […]


A piece of cake!

Well, the whole cake to be more specific. I’ve just finished working on a range of characters on cake boxes for Tesco including this one – The Teddy Bear Cake. Others included a Ballerina Cake, a Horse Cake, a Cheeky Monkey Cake and a Caterpillar Cake. In your stores now!


Anyone for a glass of milk?

I’m one of the ‘official’ designers for German glassware producers Ritzenhoff. Impressed? Don’t be. I’m just one of thousands who get asked to submit designs every year. Some of them are chosen, plenty aren’t. These are three of the lucky ones that made it onto milk glasses!


Home is…..

‘A home is only a home when you share it with others’ Initial draft and artwork for my contribution to the Habitat for Humanity calendar designed by Origin Design Consultants . Many of the artists in my agency took part and the calendar went on to win numerous design awards. Charity really does begin at […]


Mad Cow’s and Crazy Sheep!

I thought I’d better get the ball rolling on this blog and upload some images! I was asked by the advertising agency J Walter Thompson in Melbourne, if I’d like to contribute to a book they were putting together called ‘Change the World – 9 to 5’. As a freelancer, you get plenty of requests […]