Toy Story



Every now and then, a job comes along which seems like too much fun to turn down.

I had a call from my agent in Germany, Die Illustratoren, asking if I’d be interested in creating some characters for a chain of sex shops in Spain. “What sort of characters”, I asked tentatively. “Vell, von ist ein Male and von ist ein Female”, came the heavily accented reply. ” …but not zee human types.” This was getting interesting. “So what are they then?”, I asked with a mixed amount of intrigue and trepidation. “Von is a plastic Villy and von is zee ladies stimulator. Still interested?”.

Interested! How could I not be?

So, two weeks of sketching everything from Love Eggs to Butt Plugs (Ouch!) and here you go. Meet Scandals Canarias two new Sales Assistants.


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