Ed’s the man!

Okay, okay. So I’ve been a little slack on the old blogging front. I’ve got plenty of excuses ready, all of which look a tad lame when I commit them to print. So let’s move on. It’s been quite a few months to say the least. The world seems to be crumbling down around our ears (unless you happen to live in China of course), the Middle East is in turmoil, Greece is in strife, Berlusconi’s in…no, let’s not go there. Not much we can do but get our heads down and get on with it.

Here’s something I did recently for my good friend Nick Belsen at Origin Design in the UK. His client, Enterprise Study, experts in the learning and development world and particularly learning management technologies wanted a character creating for their new website and newsletter. The character had to reflect one of their core values, accessibility. He/it had to be authoritative yet fun, friendly and accessible.
A couple of rough drafts and a bit of fiddling around in CS2 and welcome to planet Earth…. Ed!


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