Mad Cow’s and Crazy Sheep!

I thought I’d better get the ball rolling on this blog and upload some images!

I was asked by the advertising agency J Walter Thompson in Melbourne, if I’d like to contribute to a book they were putting together called ‘Change the World – 9 to 5’. As a freelancer, you get plenty of requests like this, but it was all for a good cause (and a good bit of free promotion!), so why not? The book was about how we could all contribute to saving the planet by making small and simple changes to our daily routine.

I submitted 3 ideas.
The first, ‘Use the stairs’ was to encourage people to get some exercise by using the stairs at work instead of relying on the lift. (or ‘Elevator’ for our American cousins!)
The second, ‘Use local produce’ really speaks for itself and the third, ‘Save the Milk Bars’ was to encourage people to support their local corner shops which are being driven out of business by the larger supermarket chains.
The client thought the ”Mad Cow’ was appropriate and topical at the time, so that’s the one they went for.


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